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Aguirre Tree. Aguirre Apples. 🍎

Smart Ass Kids.

Times are tough.

We’re tougher. Love, connection, good food, therapy, and vulnerable conversations.

Two Daughters
Two Paths
Millions of Possibilities

Programmed to Adapt & Excel

Since birth, it was clear that they were destined for greatness. I just had to get out of the way.  

Impact on World (TBD)
Skill Development
Presence & Poise
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What is a smart ass kid? Perhaps a disobedient kid. Perhaps a kid that has questions. Can your beliefs withstand a kid's scrutiny?

"On days when the the rain is pouring, I can count on the sunshine."

Life Coach

"In a battle of wits, I'm left shaking my heads. It turns out I have no wit"

Don Teevee
Their Dad

"Dear World,
You're welcome. You can thank me later."

Teevee Aguirre
Biggest Supporter